Show Us Your Negative Space, Shadow Play, Your Sky n Iconic Travel Food Photos

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February 24, 2021
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March 11, 2021
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Show Us Your Negative Space, Shadow Play, Your Sky n Iconic Travel Food Photos

Thinking of Spring? I think of changing the clocks ahead as the herald of spring in Delta and as daylight savings is on March 14th this year, spring is on it’s way and what a great time that is! Already there are many signs of the rebirth spring brings. With the weather improving it’s a great time to get out and do some photography, so I challenge you with the following categories: Negative Space (NS), Shadow Play (SP) and Your Sky (YS).

Negative space, our first category, is defined by Photogaphymad’s website as, “Negative space defines and emphasises the main subject of a photo, drawing your eye to it. It provides “breathing room”, giving your eyes somewhere to rest and preventing your image from appearing too cluttered with “stuff”. All of this adds up to a more engaging composition.” The main thrust of your image, where you want your viewer to focus is the ‘positive space’ and the space around it that you want to recede should be uncluttered or undistracting providing a ‘negative space’ that then enhances the subject matter.
The Shadow Play category is just as it sounds. In photograophy, shadows can be design, or leading lines or images in themselves. The shadows play to the viewer and tell a story. The Your Sky category is pretty much self explanatory as well, but it could be your sky when you travelled, when you woke, when the sun set, during a storm, the list is pretty extensive. I can only imagine the dramatic skies in your photographic collections.

Our next category this month is a reflection of the topics we’ve been talking and learning about and marries travel with food photography. I’ll call this category Iconic Travel Food (ITF) and it needs a bit of an explanation. This category requires you to submit two (2) images; the first being an iconic picture of the travel location and/or culture, an image that is recognizable as to where it is taken. The second image is of a dish that you enjoyed there in that country and/or culture. For example, you travelled to Tuscany, Italy, so your first image is of a Tuscan countryside showing the vineyards and the second image is of the wine tasting you did there. Another example might be your trip to Egypt with your first image showing the great pyramids and the second image is of a shawarma meal you enjoyed there. Please ensure your images are named according to the classifications below so that the images can be shown in order.

Categories are: Negative Space (NS), Shadow Play (SP), Your Sky (YS), Iconic Travel Food (ITF) and Open.

Note: Each member can submit up to 3 images for each of the Negative Space, Shadow Play and Your Sky categories; up to 2 pairs of images in the Iconic Travel Food category and up to 2 images for the Open category .

Members can also send short slideshows or videos.

Please check Mailchimp Newsletter for Zoom Meeting Link.

Remember, for the best display quality, images should be resized to a maximum width of 1920 pixels and a maximum height of 1080 pixels. This may not be possible with cell/tablet images so please send us the largest image possible, up to the limits indicated above.

It is important to name your files as shown below so that they can be sorted and everyone’s image can be shown.

Negative Space (NS)
– NS-LastnameFirstname-1-ImageTitle
Use 2 for 2nd photo etc.

Shadow Play (SP)
– SP-LastnameFirstname-1-ImageTitle
Use 2 for 2nd photo etc.

Your Sky (YS)
– YS-LastnameFirstname-1-ImageTitle
Use 2 for 2nd photo etc.

Iconic Travel Food (ITF)
– ITF-LastnameFirstname-1-ImageTitle
– ITF-LastnameFirstname-2-ImageTitle
Use 3 and 4 for 2nd set of images

– Open-LastnameFirstname-1-ImageTitle
Use 2 for 2nd photo etc.

– Vid_YourName_VideoTitle
– Slide_YourName_SlideshowTitle

See you online and thanks for submitting images!

Holly Egan