First Skill Share Night

Show Us Your Negative Space, Shadow Play, Your Sky n Iconic Travel Food Photos
March 4, 2021
North Shore Challenge Results
March 19, 2021

Come learn a bit more about editing images at this year’s first SIG (Special Interest Group) night. We’re calling it a ‘Skill Share’ evening. A number of members will be sharing what they did to create those awesome pictures that impressed you. Debbie, Vinh, Val, Karoline, George and Holly will walk us through an overview of what methods they used to enhance their image.

In addition, club members will be asked to submit one image they’d like to see enhanced. George and Holly will then select from these photos to demonstrate editing tools from a variety of Adobe products, such as: Photoshop, Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom. During this part of the program, members are encouraged to suggest improvements and the presenters will try to incorporate those suggestions on the fly. The software used will be specific to the three mentioned but many of the tools can be found in all editing software. This should provide everyone with a chance to learn new tools or ways for improving their images.

We’re asking members to submit one quality image they would like to see enhanced. For optimum editing, images should have the most pixels available, ideally that would be a RAW image. When submitting a photo, please send it as a RAW file and as a JPEG (both formats). If you do not have the image in RAW format, send the largest JPEG available. Below is a link for submitting images.

To allow presenters time to look at and work with everyone’s images, the submission time has be set for Saturday, March 13 at midnight.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: March 13, 2021 at Midnight


NOTE: if the image is very large we suggest using a free program, such as:
Send the transfer to:

Check Mailchimp for Zoom Meeting Details for March 17th Skill Share Night.

See you online on March 17th and thanks for submitting images!

Holly Egan