Minimalist Photography by Judy Hancock Holland

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February 9, 2022
Minimalist Photography by Judy Hancock Holland


7:30 pm - 9:15 pm

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Delta Photo Club is pleased to present “Minimalist Photography” with award winning fine art photographer and educator Judy Hancock Holland at 7:30 pm Wednesday, February 2.
Judy explains, “Minimalist photography involves seeing deeply into your subject. By allowing yourself to be captured by your subject, instead of the other way around, you can distill it down to its essence and present the image in a way that is uniquely yours. Join us to learn a new way to create images that convey not just what you see, but how you feel.”
If time allows Judy will also discuss high and low key processing. “Portraits, still life, flowers, minimalism… these are a few of the genres that can benefit from this kind of treatment. Join us to learn how to expose and process to create powerful images in high and low key.”
The zoom link for the workshop will be sent in the afternoon of February 2nd.
To attend:

a) Become a member of the Delta Photo Club by filling out the membership form at
b) Attend as a guest by sending an Interac E-Transfer of $10.00 to by 9 pm, Tuesday, February 1st.
Please include your name, email address, and Club affiliation with the transfer.

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