2022/23 Season Welcome – Workshops Overview

New Season and Membership Dues
August 26, 2022
Workshop/Outing at Deas Island
September 7, 2022

Delta Photo Club begins its 2022/23 season with its first meeting at 7:30 pm, Wednesday, September 7 via Zoom. Previous and prospective members are invited to “zoom” in for an introduction to the club and an overview of the exciting workshop presenters and educational outings we have planned for this season. An outline of the first combined workshop/outing of the season will also be given.

“Connect, Create, and Learn” will be DPC’s 1st Annual Photo Skills Workshop on Saturday, September 10. Details will be sent out to members that week. It will be a in-person, outdoor gathering with a set of photo challenges to help photographers become more familiar with their cameras and go beyond using “auto” mode. We hope you come out and meet fellow members for this fun event, create some good images, and learn a bit more about photography.

To attend:
a) Renew your membership or become a member of the Delta Photo Club by filling out the membership form at https://deltaphotoclub.com/member-sign-up-form
b) Attend the Sept 7 meeting as a guest at no charge by sending an email to workshops@deltaphotoclub.com by noon, Wednesday, September 7. Please include your email address so we can send you the link.

The Zoom link will be sent out in the afternoon of September 7th.
“See” you then!