2020-2021 Season Starting – Join Now!

Mayor Harvie Launches Kids Photo Contest
August 31, 2020
First Workshop for 2020-21!
September 1, 2020

Dear Fellow Photographers,

Welcome to the 2020-2021 Delta Photo Club season. We hope the summer has provided you many opportunities to relax, work on your photography skills and you are ready to begin the new season.

With Covid-19 still prevalent, we have had to adjust how we can meet going forward. Kin Village Rec Centre is still closed and we have moved all our meetings into a virtual online space using Zoom Meetings. We are finding this to be an excellent platform for our members to remain connected. As the Covid situation changes, we will continue to assess how we can provide the best club experience in the safest manner.

This season marks the 50th Anniversary of the Delta Photo Club. We are proud to be part of the club’s long history in Delta and hope it will continue for many more years. Keep watching for our anniversary plans as they unfold.

We would like to thank all the Execs for their hard work on making the transition to an online club and for planning the upcoming season. Their hard work and dedication definitely makes our club great.

There are many great nights planned. Digital Nights, Workshops, Presenters, Outings, Print Nights and more. Our membership renewal process has moved online. You can join the club from our website at www.deltaphotoclub.com and click on the Member SignUp Form. After filling out the form, we will be in touch to process your payment. Please sign up now so you don’t miss any workshops.

Thank you all and we look forward to seeing you at our weekly club meetings.

Best regards,

Robin Bains
George Pierece
Co-Presidents, Delta Photo Club


Members of the Delta Photo Club cover a wide range in age and expertise. There are beginners and there are more advanced members with a variety of skills. Join us and let us learn from each other.

There are many membership benefits:

Weekly on-line meetings
Opportunity to submit digital images for evaluation
Participation in competitions the club enters
Participation in workshops
Meet other enthusiastic photographers
Improve your technical skills
Learn new photo editing techniques
Join club members in field trips.

Membership Fees:

We have reduced our fees for this year as there is no Kin Village Rec Centre expense and we’re passing the savings on to you. Please note that fees may return to pre-covid levels once we’re back into Kin Village.

Individual: $40.00 / year
Family: $70.00 / year
Youth (under 18): $25.00 / year

To join:

Please click on the link of the “SignUp Form”, complete, and submit. Once your information has been received, you will get an email with payment instructions. Your membership will be approved upon receipt of payment. Sign up now as we are looking forward to welcoming you back or welcoming you as a new member. Also, spread the word. It’s surprising how many people do not know there is a photo club based in Delta.

For any questions with respect to membership, please send an email to membership@deltaphotoclub.com


The first meeting in our “Season of Zoom” is on September 9, 2020 at 7:30 pm. For the first time ever, we will be treated to a presentation by acclaimed photographer Dave Brosha, who lives in PEI. The Zoom platform allows us to book presenters who live outside the Lower Mainland. We will also Zoom with other local workshop photographers as well as some from Chicago and as far away as Argentina.

Social Media / How to Stay Connected with Delta Photo Club


Delta Photo Club has a multitude of ways we connect with our members, including:

Weekly Online Zoom Meetings (In Person Meetings are temporarily suspended due to the Covid-19 Pandemic)
Monthly Virtual Workshops
Internationally Accredited Industry Professional Guest Speakers
Photography Competitions via Digital Submissions
Scheduled Field Trip Outings with Social Distancing
Weekend Coffee Social Meetups with Social Distancing
News Media Feature Articles
Social Media Postings via DPC Facebook Group

Delta Photo Club members share and promote photography within the club and the community. Our website is mobile friendly and a wealth of information. If you are looking for additional ways to connect and engage with fellow club members, check out our Facebook Group. Like the website, the FB group has the convenience of being available 24hrs a day, and has the added bonus of group engagement and connectivity.

Please click the Facebook Icon on our website to access the Group page. Once you join, you can participate and communicate when it is convenient for you. Remember that being a member of the Facebook group is not the same as being a member in good standing of the Delta Photo Club. Members get access to many more perks.

DPC Facebook Group members are able to Like, follow, share, comment, add individual photos, create a photo album, upload a video, create documents to share information about favorite photography websites, famous or fresh photographer news, promote a personal photo enterprise, and sell photography equipment.

The DPC Facebook Group is very handy when you:

Can’t decide on which photography software? Poll it.
Seeking recommendations from experts? Ask it.
Want to earn cash for your used camera gear? Sell it.
Have a question and not sure who to ask? Post it.
Looking for feedback on your photo? Upload it.
New software or photography tip or technique? Share it.
Know of a visually stunning event to capture? Promote it.
Keen to discuss photography related topics? Start it.

Don’t visit Facebook frequently?
Notifications will alert you when something new is added to check it out now or later.

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SignUp for Announcements and Upcoming Events
Visit our website and signup to receive announcements and check our Calendar to see what events are planned.