Why Join the Delta Photo Club?

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August 10, 2018
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August 21, 2018
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Why Join the Delta Photo Club?

Experience: The Delta Photo Club was established in 1970 and has a rich history of tradition and competitive success in the Canadian photographic community.

Education: We offer workshops, seminars and speakers to help you advance your career or hobby to new levels. If you are a new photographer, you may not initially understand many of the terms and advanced techniques more skilled practitioners of the craft use. At the DPC you can often find someone who is willing to assist, explain, and help you along in the process.

Networking: You will have the opportunity to meet & network with other like minded people and speak about business, photography, art, travel and other interests.

Photo Walks & Outings: These social events combined with photo shoots are a great deal of fun. They provide the opportunity to visit different locations and events, learn new things, and meet new people. They are also a great way to share your skills and knowledge.

Inspiration & Motivation: Writers get writers block, but photographers get into slumps as well. Being around other members that are highly energized helps pull you out of a "slump". Many hobbyists get inspiration from other photographers in the group to try something new or just get up off the couch.

Competition: Although not for everyone, the DPC partakes in both Digital and Print competitions. Club members have won numerous local and national competitions and can offer advice, coaching, critique and feedback to get you ready. Competitions are a great way to give you that little “push” you need to get better.

Ideas: Seeing all kinds of great photography can be inspiring and spark new ideas. Gaining exposure to new techniques and ideas are definite benefits of membership. You will find others shooting subjects that never occurred to you or maybe subjects you do shoot, but in ways you never tried.

Equipment Advice: At “Show and Tell” sessions, members bring new equipment and gadgets to introduce to others. You can also approach members that have similar equipment and ask them for their input and advice. There may be the opportunity to buy, sell or trade used equipment.

Common Shared Interests: Members like to share their talents, mentor novices, learn new skills, and discuss their photographic choices, genres, techniques and styles.

Mentoring & Sharing: Being a member connects you with our diverse photographic community. Sharing your knowledge will help other members grow in their journey.

Enrichment: Being a part of the Delta Photo Club is an enriching experience. Join us and see for yourself!

Exposure: The DPC will expose you to practical experiences such as model shoots, sporting shoots, street photography, fine art and other directions that you may want to pursue but have not had the opportunity. It also opens doors to meeting members from whom you may learn more about your craft.

Growth: DPC members will be encouraging and supportive of your personal growth and goals. Some may even take you under their wing and mentor you.

Learn to See: One of the intangible skills of a great photographer is the art of seeing things others miss. Seeing the light, working the angle or rearranging the composition are just a few of the many things that can make the difference between a good shot and a great photo. Learning how others see is something you will never gain shooting solo.

Social: The DPC is a friendly club where you can meet new people and have a lot of fun at the same time. Join us for outings, Coffee Cameras, Cocktails & Cameras, or one of our day trips or weekend excursions.

Program Nights: The DPC offers monthly Workshops, Print Nights, Digital Nights, Competition Nights and Special Interest Group (SIG) Nights.

The DPC offers weekly events, meetings and outings but remember that you can choose which evening programs or outings you want to participate in. Do not feel compelled to commit to all the events. Even if all you join up for is the many workshops that are offered, the membership fee is still a great value.