Summary of 2019-2020 Activities

2019-20 DPC Photographer of the Year
August 13, 2020
Cameras & Coffee Saturday Aug.22nd
August 17, 2020
2019-20 DPC Photographer of the Year
August 13, 2020
Cameras & Coffee Saturday Aug.22nd
August 17, 2020

Workshop Report from Karoline Cullen & Val Hider

Seven workshops and two skill development classes were held this season.

We enjoyed presentations on Fine Art Architecture by Sharon Tenenbaum, Black and White Photography with Russ and Wendy Kwan, and Story Telling with film director Nick Humphries. Francois Cleroux covered Tripodology and Greg Schurman did a critique session. Dennis Ducklow inspired us with his presentation on Multiple Exposures and Holly Egan covered Cell Phone Photography. We had two workshops cancelled – one for a print selection night and one because of COVID 19. Francois Cleroux ran parts one and two of his introduction to photography sessions called Photo 101.

Special thanks to Roger Lasell for doing the 50-50 draws. The proceeds helped fund the honorariums paid to the presenters.

Any suggestions for digital platform workshops for next season are welcome.

Print Competitions 

Several Events were cancelled, due to the pandemic
Digital Competitions​: DPC entered 4 competitions and did very well overall

●  Lions Gate – DPC entered 8 images, gained 193 pointes overall and tied for 8​out of 27 clubs. David Friedrich did particularly well

●  Delta Photo Club In House Competition – 5 members were tied at 9 pointsapiece

●  North Shore Challenge – 25 clubs entered and DPC tied for 5​ . Garnet receivedthe top DPC score

●  DPC Black & White Competition – This was conducted with in house judging.nd​ rd​ Val won, with Karoline Cullen coming in 2​ and George Pierce 3​ .

Digital Nights report from Holly Egan​

Less than a third of members submit images, however, attendance is very good on these evenings. 532 images were submitted in total and 9 videos

●  May was the best night with 138 images submitted by 15 members

●  April was 82 images

●  October was 78 images

●  Animals and Nature always get a lot of images submitted

●  Going forward, will be stick with Digital Night as a virtual online evening? Less than 1/3 of members submit images

●  Might do more virtual meetings next year

●  Can we do a survey to see if more Photoshop Workshops are worthwhile?

●  2 categories, Banner & Mobile. Maybe do these at every Digital evening? Mightget new members and increase participation

Outings report from Dave Francis & Dave Egan

This was an unusual year to say the least. Usual have outings in September, January and end of year, but only was able to have one mid winter get together and one with Langley Club

However, outside of Club season, had outings in the summer of 2019 as follows: o Cloverdale Rodeoo Tour de Delta
o Boundary Bay Airshow
o Vancouver Mural Fest
o Richmond Festival
o Kenmore Photo Exposition
o Whidbey Island and Whatcom Fall

My Pics Your Edits Report from Robin Bains

This is working out very well. Val has volunteered to help out with this.

A huge thank you to all the volunteers! You make the Club run.

Photographer of the Year – David Friedrich!