My Pic Your Edit Challenge

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DPC Photo Night Wednesday
May 4, 2021
DPC AGM Meeting Wed. May 26th
May 25, 2021

We are holding the next MyPic-YourEdits Challenge on Wednesday, May 19th @ 7:30PM

A Zoom Meeting invitation will be sent closer to that Wednesday.

There is a selection of 5 images available.The images are available as JPGs to make editing easier for everyone.

The rules are very simple:

Use any program, filter, tool, preset that you want.

  1. The photo can be edited, altered, cropped in any way. Go explore your creative side. Have fun with your edits.
  2. Submit up to 5 edited images maximum.
  3. Your final picture must be submitted as a JPG file.
  4. Rename your JPG file in the following format: title-yourname.jpg
  5. Upload only the edited pictures

Please check your email for the link to the folder to download the images from as well for the MPYE upload form link to upload your edited images to.

Remember to rename the file in the format as the example below. This is important so the files can be kept grouped together.


For example:

Thanks to the following members for submitting pictures:
Val Hider
David Francis
Julie Cochrane
David Friederich

I look forward to sharing all your great pics. See you all soon!