DPC In-house Competition Nov.30

Cocktails & Cameras / Open Mic Night Nov.23rd
November 21, 2022
Cityscapes by Rick Hulbert
Workshop: The Power and Benefits of a Creative Image Series
November 29, 2022

DPC will be holding our first Digital Competition of the season on Wednesday November 30th, 2022

This year’s in-house competition will be opened to the following three themes: Landscape, Portrait (including Environmental Portrait), and Artistic. For the sake of clarity, we have adopted CAPA’s definition of each of the three categories:

  • Landscape – this can include weather phenomena, geological formations, landscapes, seascapes, cityscape, man-made structures, and natural phenomena, planets, stars and astronomical events.
  • Portrait – the objective is to display the likeness, personality and the mood of the person(s) or pet(s). For the purpose of this competition, environmental portrait can be included in this category. Environmental Portrait is an image where the primary focus will be of a human or pet in an environmental setting (e.g. sports activity, blacksmith, firemen at the station, street scene, chef in the kitchen, paramedic with ambulance, etc…). Portraits can be taken indoors or outdoors with or without artificial lighting. Images can be staged or candid, and should tell a story. The face(s) and/or expressions of the subjects must be predominant.
  • Artistic – image that is “produced with the intention to portray a creative vision based primarily on an aesthetic and emotional thrust.” The submitted image(s) may be an abstract, altered reality or creative image.

Image Specifications
Your images may include composites and any post processing techniques but the resulting image must comprise of photograph(s) created by you.

  • Image Dimensions: max horizontal size: 1920 pixels; max vertical size: 1080 pixels
  • Use sRGB colour space for your images
  • Save as high resolution jpeg files
  • Themes: A = Landscape; B = Portrait; C = Artistic

Name your image file FirstName LastName – Theme – # – ImageTitle.jpg (e.g. Sonja Adams – A – 1 – River Mist.jpg)

Image Submission
Each member can submit up to the total of three (3) images. You must designate the theme for each image using the file naming convention above. You can enter more than one image into a single theme.

Please verify that your image files meet the above criteria BEFORE submitting. A link to upload your images to has been sent in an e-mail with subject, “DPC In-house Competition – November 30, 2022.” Upload images no later than 12:00PM on Sunday November 27th.

Key Dates
Coaching Night: Wednesday, November 16 at 7:30PM
Closing date for receipt of entries: Sunday November 27 at 12:00PM
Date of competition: Wednesday November 30 at 7:30PM

We look forward to many fine images!

Vinh, Paula & Lien
Digital Competition Team