DPC Black & White In House Competition

Kas Stone - The Road Not Taken (KBG08975)
Workshop: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
March 13, 2022
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B&W Critique Night April 11th
April 4, 2022

DPC will hold our own B/W competition this year as the popular Crescent Beach B/W Print competition has been cancelled again.

We are most fortunate to have our images judged ahead of time by the very accomplished fine art B/W photographers, Russel & Wendy Kwan.
Your images will need to be submitted by 12pm Sunday April 17th to give them enough time to judge.
Russel & Wendy will also be present at the meeting to provide their insightful comments – don’t miss it!

Competition details:

– each member may submit up to 5 B/W images (no colour or toning). If there are too many submissions we will only use the first 3 images from each member.

– maximum size for each side is 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high. Images should also be in JPG format for easy viewing.

– there are no restrictions on editing techniques; this includes the use of vignetting, composites, etc.

– each image can only be made up of image / images that you have taken. In other words, you cannot download an image or texture from the internet or another program (e.g. Topazlabs).

– do not submit an image if it has previously been selected for club entry into a B/W competition.

– name your images as follows: #-Name-Title.jpg (e.g. 1-Jane Doe-Isolation.jpg). Please use dashes “-“, not underline “_”. Do not use spaces before & after each dash.

We look forward to many fine images!

Thank you,

Vinh, Lien, Paula
*Photo Credit Val Hider – Delicate Ruffles – High Score 2020-2021 BW Competition