Digital Night – Wild Life

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March 11, 2020
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November 13, 2019
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Digital Night – Wild Life


Date(s) - 10/09/2019
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm


This year in addition to members showing their digital images monthly I will give a brief tutorial on Photoshop at the end of the evening.

For example, I will demonstrate the Photoshop tools at the September digital night, and then challenge members to apply these skills to their own images in the weeks following. Members would then submit their before and after images that they’ve worked on in Photoshop at the following month’s digital night in October.

Each Digital Night we will have a theme in addition to the monthly Photoshop challenges. To not exclude any images we will also have an Open category.  To be cliche: Lights, Camera, Action!

October themes: “Wild Life”: such as Animals, Wildlife and Sealife
Photoshop challenge submissions: Before and After images using mage adjustment tools such as Levels, brightness/contrast, black and white and channel mixer
October Photoshop tutorial: Image size, image resolution, (Banners), and if time, removing items from images

Remember, for the best display quality, images should be resized to a maximum width of 1920 pixels and a maximum height of 1080 pixels, This may not be possible with cell/tablet images so please send us the largest image possible, up to the limits indicated above.

It is important to name your files as shown below so that they can be sorted and everyone’s image can be shown.

File Naming:

For Theme and Open Category submissions:
Use 2 for 2nd photo etc.

For Videos/Slideshows:
–   Vid_YourName_VideoTitle
–   Slide_YourName_SlideshowTitle

Before and After (Note: Naming in this category is very important so that your images can be shown together)
–   LastFirst-After-1-ImageTitle
Use 2 for 2nd photo etc.
–   LastFirst-Before-1-ImageTitle
Use 2 for 2nd photo etc.


Images/videos/slideshows should be submitted to