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October 4, 2020
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October 15, 2020
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Digital Night

The cooler weather has arrived, Fall is in the air, the leaves are turning and Thanksgiving is this month. So many opportunities to take photos. With all these in mind we’ve got a great lineup of themes to capture in camera.

The first of our themes fits perfectly with this time of year–fall colours. I would love to challenge you to find the colour around you. The second is in response to our workshop speaker Barry J. Brady’s presentation on food photography. With Thanksgiving this weekend and possibility of lots of food being prepared, what better time to experiment as Barry suggested and take some food images? When experimenting you can try to photograph in the three styles of shots Brady talked about: the ‘hero shot’, the ‘top down’ shot and the ‘eye level’ shot’. Our third theme this month is in preparation for the upcoming Lions Gate Camera Club competitiion which features a ‘celebration of nature’. Please note that CAPA nature/wildlife rules apply. If you attended yesterdays workshop I mentioned a fourth category but have since changed it as it requires a bit more preparation. We will include it in the future when I have sent out our notice well in advance. So, the fourth theme has changed to ‘intentional camera movement’. To quote Wikipedia: “In intentional camera movement (ICM), a camera is moved during the exposure for a creative or artistic effect. This causes the image points to move across the recording medium, producing an apparent streaking in the resulting image.” Our final catgegory of course will be ‘open’, so if you have an image you’d like to share, by all means send it in.Categories are: Fall; Food; Nature; ICM (intentional camera movement) and Open.

Note: Each member can submit up to 3 images for each of the 5 regular categories.

Members can also send short slideshows or videos.

I also would like to share some information I’ve come across. I love learning more about Photoshop and get links from time to time about upcoming education opportunities. The following two links offer lots of online learning. This first is Dave Cross’ Photoshop Virtual Summitt that has a cost and the second is Adobe MAX which is free. These online events are packed with learning experiences. Check out the links provided below if you’re interested:

1. Photoshop Virtual Summitt II: November 9 – 13, 2020 – with host Dave Cross
The summitt is on Photoshop and consists if 40 expert-led classes that run over 5 days. The cost is for unlimited access to the classes to watch at any time in the future. The early bird price of $85 expires on October 15th, it then goes back up to $97 (Once the conference starts, the regular price of $147 begins).
2. Adobe MAX 2020 – October 20-22
This is two days of intensive, almost round the clock, instruction on all Adobe products including Lightroom and Photoshop. It is virtual this year and has creativirty workshops, labs, and guest speakers that focus on photography, videography, business development and more. This is a jam packed couple of days that Adobe offers once a year and it’s free this year!

Zoom Meeting Details for October 14 Digital Night:
To join the virtual meeting go to the link provided and click to join a meeting. If prompted type in the meeting ID number and password.

Topic: DPC Digital Night, October 14
Time: Oct 14, 2020 07:30 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
Check Mailchimp for link to enter the meeting

Remember, for the best display quality, images should be resized to a maximum width of 1920 pixels and a maximum height of 1080 pixels. This may not be possible with cell/tablet images so please send us the largest image possible, up to the limits indicated above.

It is important to name your files as shown below so that they can be sorted and everyone’s image can be shown.

–   Fall-LastnameFirstname-1-ImageTitle
Use 2 for 2nd photo etc.

–   Food-LastnameFirstname-1-ImageTitle
Use 2 for 2nd photo etc.

–   Nature-LastnameFirstname-1-ImageTitle
Use 2 for 2nd photo etc.

ICM (intentional camera movement)
–   ICM-LastnameFirstname-1-ImageTitle
Use 2 for 2nd photo etc.

–   Open-LastnameFirstname-1-ImageTitle
Use 2 for 2nd photo etc.

–   Vid_YourName_VideoTitle
–   Slide_YourName_SlideshowTitle

Images/videos/slideshows should be submitted to by 12:00pm (Noon) on Wednesday, October 14, 2020.

See you online on October 14 and thanks for submitting images!

Holly Egan