Crescent Beach B&W Pre-selection and Open Print & Digital February 26th

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February 12, 2020
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Crescent Beach B&W Pre-selection and Open Print & Digital February 26th

This Wednesday, February 26th, we are holding a pre-selection night for the upcoming Crescent Beach Black & White Print Challenge.

You will have an opportunity to bring your prints AND submit digital pictures. Try out different crops, formats, versions etc and get feedback from the club members

4 maximum for digital, although if we are short on time then we may only show the first 3.  And, no limit on the number of prints.

If you want feedback about different variations on one image (e.g. crop or colouring) then this only counts as one of your images.  Use the following convention to name your images:  #-Name-ImageTitle (i.e. 1-JaneDoe-PrettyPicture, 2-JaneDoe-StunningImage).  If you wish to send in variations of one image then add a, b, c… after the number (e.g. 3a-JaneDoe-Wow, 3b-JaneDoe-Wow, 3c-JaneDoe-Wow).
You can also send in 1920×1080 pixel images for this Wednesday, just don’t use them for the final competition.

(Please note that the file size and naming will be different when you submit your refined or finally decided ones for the Selection Night in March to meet the Contest Rules and our own scoring process.)

Since the evening is all about learning and discussion, bring your colour prints and submit your colour digital photos as well.

Francois Cleroux  and others will be available for feedback and suggestions. Francois will be bringing a selection of mattes for you to purchase as well. Good time to stock up for the year.

All digital files need to be sent to digitalcompetition@deltaphotoclub.comPlease submit by 12PM (noon) on Tuesday, February 25th.
The digital images will be displayed in the lounge area on the large TV screen and prints will be dispalyed in the main hall area.

Here is a link to the CBPC Contest Rules:

We’re looking forward to seeing you and your submissions.

Best regards,

Delta Photo Club Execs