Active Interactions on DPC Facebook

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May 24, 2019
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June 3, 2019
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Active Interactions on DPC Facebook

If you are looking for an additional way to connect and engage with fellow club members, check out our Facebook Group at

Like the website it has the convenience of being available 24hrs a day, and has the added bonus of group engagement and connectivity. Once you join, you can participate and communicate with the group when it is convenient for you.

DPC Facebook Group members are able to: Like, Follow, Share, Comment, Add Individual Photos, Create a Photo Album or Upload a Video, Create Documents that are shared with group members that contain information about favorite photography websites, famous or fresh photographers from around the world. You can even promote your own individual photo enterprise.

The DPC Facebook Group is also very handy when you:

✔ Can’t decide on which photography software? Poll it.
✔ Seeking recommendations from those in the know? Ask it.
✔ Want to earn cash for your used camera gear? Sell it.
✔ Have a question and not sure who to ask? Post it.
✔ Looking for feedback on your photo? Upload it.
✔ New software or photography tip or technique? Share it.
✔ Know of a visually stunning event to capture? Promote it.
✔ Keen to discuss photography related topics? Start it.