2020 – 2021 Executives

About our Volunteers

All the executives are volunteers. They do a tremendous amount of work to make the club better. If you need any photography help. or just want to talk to someone about the club, how to make it better or just have recommendations or ideas, here they are.

Some of our executives have posted their favorite photography quotes that can be found on the right-hand side of the page. Some of these members also have personal websites. Just click on their portrait (the cursor will change to a hand when you hover over their portrait) and you will be brought to their site.

Become a Volunteer

If you would like to volunteer for a position this year (or next year) please talk to one of the two presidents or the past president.

We are always looking for help in various forms from setting up for Coffe and Tea to Publicity. There is even the opportunity to help out part-time.


Robin Bains

Co-President, Web Development

Robin loves to take pictures and aspires to learn how other photographers see the world around us. Immediately after joining the Delta Photo Club, he has been inspired by the work of his fellow club members and presenters who visit the club. When Robin isn’t glued to the computer screen, he likes to increase his knowledge of photography through club workshops and seminars and follows numerous photographers on the internet.

Robin believes that a good photograph should make a connection with the viewer. He tries to bring the viewer into the picture and hopefully convey what his thoughts and feelings were at the time the photo was taken. He feels if that can be done, it’s a good photograph.

Robin loves working with computers and software and is always happy to help members with any questions or problems they may be having. He may not have all the answers, but Google is his best friend.

George Pierce

Co-President, Digital Competitions Chair

Photography was always an interest for George but it wasn’t until he got his first digital SLR camera in 2008 that he started to significantly improve and learn. The ability to make many mistakes and learn from them as well as getting instant feedback helped greatly. After making many thousands of mistakes, it is starting to sink in how to make the photograph that he envisions.

George has learned most of his photography skills from the Delta Photo Club (DPC) after joining in 2009, either directly from workshops and other members or from practicing and researching more information because of topics raised at the club. DPC has many members with knowledge and skills worth learning, also many members who make inspiring photographs. He has learned the most from Greg Schurman and Francois Cleroux but many others have added their enlightenment also.

There is more to learn and more to photograph...
“What makes photography a strange invention is that its primary raw materials are light and time.” – John Berger

Roger Lasell

Vice-President, Workshop Funding

Roger was a firefighter for 30 years and retired in Delta as a deputy fire chief.

He has been interested in photography since 1970. His main focus has been landscape photography but more recently street photography has captured his interest. Roger was originally a Nikon photographer but has become more interested in mirrorless cameras specially the Fuji X-T2.

Photography is a skill that in time improves and belonging to the DPC has truly enhanced that photographic knowledge.

Karoline Cullen

Past President, Learning Committee

I love taking photos! I am an eclectic photographer and while I enjoy many genres, nature, and wildlife, as well as gymnastics and dance, are favourite subjects. Once in a while, my photos win awards or are published in my freelance travel or photography articles. I have been a member of the DPC since 2009, currently co-chair the Workshop, Publicity, and Cameras & Coffee portfolios, and have held the President, VP, and Handbook Chairs. I look forward to seeing returning DPC members, meeting new ones, and learning more.

“Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.” - Imogen Cunningham

Paula Simson


I'm new to the Delta Photo Club, but not to photography. It's been a creative outlet and a way to really see and appreciate the world around me for many years. I'm a generalist and enjoy everything from street photography, to landscapes, to portraits...… well, you get the idea. The club provides so many opportunities to share and improve our personal work, as well as enjoy the images of others, through critiques, presentations, workshops. There's always something going on in this fun group.

Paula Simson Photography
Observing the world around me, preferably with camera in hand

Gabriele Stein


Gabriele joined the Club in 2013 with little knowledge about digital photography. The knowledge she has today can be credited to the many great workshops and meetings held at the Club throughout the years. She is thrilled to have more time for this wonderful hobby since starting retirement.

Larry Leslie

Treasurer, Equipment Co-ordinator

Larry became interested in photography in high school where he learned to take photos as well as the darkroom procedures to develop them.

There was a long period before he became active again in photography by joining the Delta Photo Club. He began learning the technical aspects of cameras and how to use the many features to take technically correct photos.

He continues to learn and to work on creating artistic style photographs. He enjoys the social atmosphere of the club as well as the many group outings.

Club Night Hosts

Holly Egan

Digital Image Night Chair

Holly is new to the world as a photographer but has a long history of working with digital images. As a computer instructor of many years and with a love of art it didn’t take much to branch out and combine the two skill sets. Holly has a good knowledge of Adobe products and in particular Photoshop. Holly has taught webpage design, illustration and Photoshop to high school students with a focus not only on learning the programs but on using the tools within the programs to create visually appealing digital art. Holly sees digital images as a means of artistic expression. With her love of travel, her passion for natural panoramas and the architectural form is what she will focus on with her camera, but look out when she’s at a computer because it’s the visual art that can be created from photographs that she will be focused on.
“Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph.” —Matt Hardy

Francois Cleroux

Print Night Chair, Web Development


Francois Cleroux has held the positions of President and Past President and is currently in his fourth year as Print Chair. He was a CAPA trained and certified Judge and has Judged at most clubs and many competitions all over BC including Victoria. Francois also teaches classes and workshops and has taught photography abroad in New York and Paris.

Francois has won numerous awards and has been published in various Photographic Magazines in Canada, the USA, England, and India.

He loves helping people out with their photography. Need help? Find him on club nights!

“Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like.” - David Alan Harvey

Val Hider

Learning Committee

As long as I can remember, I had an incredible desire for taking photos. I have taken this passion for photography and have focused my energy on creating unique and colourful impressionistic photographic art to express my creative visions. I've been a Delta Photo Club member since 2008 and I credit being involved with the club for the many photographic and creative techniques I've learned over the years.

I'm constantly searching for rich vibrant colours, beautiful warm light and interesting subjects. I will often infuse motion photographically to create an image that portrays a "dreamlike quality".

Lien Ho

Digital Competitions Chair

In late 2012 Lien decided she wanted to learn more about photography. On advice from a neighbour, a Delta Photo Club member, she decided to attend a meeting where she was made to feel very welcome. She joined the club and hasn’t looked back!

She has learned a great deal and continues to do so. She has found the meetings, workshops & outings to be invaluable in furthering her knowledge & inspiring her to try different things.

But, more than that she has met a wonderful & friendly group of people with whom she can share her enjoyment of photography with!

Robert (Bob) Grand-Scrutton

Print Competitions Chair

I began taking photography seriouiy in 1983 when Iwas given my first SLR camera. Like most people I am self taught, a typical case of the blind leading the blind except I joined the Delta Photo Club and that made all the difference, being able to ask for help and getting it, and not being made to feel like a complete clown in the process. Thats the real strength of a club and its reason for being plus the social side of course.I changed to digital photography in 2005, and that was a revelation in how to do photography.opening up doors to all kinds of creative and expressive image making, both in colour and black and white, it allows you to take chances, to experiment , to play, to be free to develop your ideas. I love it.

David Friederich

Print Competitions Chair

David Friederich has been a member of the Delta Photo Club since 2009, the same year he retired from teaching and principaling in BC’s public school system. His interest in photography was motivated by a desire to capture wonderful images of his students in sports, cultural, and citizenship activities. He is a Nikon guy, more because that was the brand available at the time, than any great brand loyalty. Since retiring, David has moved from “photographing kids, to photographing critters, especially birds, bears, and bees”. Recently, he presented a workshop on Bird Photography to the DPC, and in 2018 shared the club’s prestigious “Photographer of the Year” award with his colleague, Val Hyder. He loves photographing bald eagles in the Fraser Valley, black bears on Vancouver Island, and his beloved BC Lions at BC Place Stadium, where he has been an on field photographer for more than 10 seasons. For a second year in a row, David is the DPC’s chair for Print Competitions.

David Francis

Outings Co-ordinator

Dave Francis, a Nikon enthusiast, is in his third year with the club and is co-coordinator of outings for 2018/19. Retired in 2016 from a career in public service, Dave sought renewal and rejuvenation by reconnecting with a lifelong obsession: photography--or the endless quest of capturing truth, beauty, and humanity in a well-rendered image.

His interests range from street photography and wildlife to outdoor portraitures, long exposures (night and day), airshows, car racing, sports, and weddings. He has taken courses in Lightroom and composition and belongs to a street photography meetup group called Streets I Have Walked.

To Dave, a good image is more than a snapshot. It should intrigue and inspire the viewer, stimulating a unique, personal response; it should be compelling and instructive, pulling you in and through, connecting you, making you care.

"First, become a good photographer. Then, buy good equipment." - Unknown

David Egan

Outings Co-ordinator

David Egan has been a member of Delta Photo Club for two years. Last year he was responsible for Digital Night along with his wife Holly. This coming year he and David Francis are responsible for DPC outings. He has been playing with his camera for about ten years loves taking pictures of wildlife and nature. I take pictures purely for the pleasure it gives me and the ability to be creative in some small way.
"To me, photography is an art of observation. It's about finding something interesting in an ordinary place... I've found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them." Elliott Erwitt

Ian Logie

Equipment Co-ordinator

Born Scotland 1945, immigrated to Canada 1948 and grew up in Saskatchewan and now resides in Delta B.C. Ian has had interests in photography for some years but has become more serious about photography since the year 2000. His photographic interests are varied which include abstract, landscape, floral, bird, nature and impressionist type subject matter. His photography is shot in various locations on the prairies; in BC and include some international locations. He continues to develop a repertoire of photographs to build up his portfolio. Ian is a member of the Delta Photo Club and was voted Novice Photographer of the Year for 2003/2004. Ian’s impressionist photography is becoming recognizable and one of his photos was displayed in Pacific Zone - CAPA Photographic Exhibition in 2004. His photo was chosen for its unique style and as one of those works representing Photo Clubs of BC

Ian has had further recognition by being in the top 10 winners in the Delta Arts Council’s all BC “Artshots” juried competition. In the 2010 Artshots competition he won the CAPA Gold medal for his Black and White entry. In the 2011 Delta Photo Club Inspirations Competition he took third for his entry in the Bird category. . Ian also placed first in the adult category of the 2011 Delta “Earthday” photo contest . One of his pictures “Heron Dance” is on the front of the Delta Tourism’s Free Activities Map for 2015. Ian continues to expand his interest in photography and continues to keep his subject matter varied.

He is currently a member of the Watershed Artworks Society at 11415 84 Ave. North Delta Rec. Centre where his works are displayed. In the past Ian has served two years as a Director on the Delta Arts Council and has co-shared the presidency of the Delta Photo Guild for two years . He currently remains as an active member of the Delta Photo Club.

Vinh Lam


Coming Soon....

Sara Roxburgh


Sara Roxburgh started her photographic journey with a 110-film camera from Boots Drugstore. With the emergence of digital photography, she was no longer limited to 24 exposures. She is fond of nature photography and passionate about exploring the details in capturing and editing macro images to expand her photographic technique. Her photos also inspire her oil paintings.

Sara learned of the Delta Photo Club in April of 2018 with a club listing in the Delta Optimist Newspaper. She felt very welcome as a guest and was impressed by knowledgeable club members, interesting photo workshops, friendly competitions as well as fun photography field trip outings. She was inspired to become an official DPC member, and in September of 2018, Sara joined the executive board as the Publicity Chair. She is now responsible for the press releases to the media, community postings as well as the club’s social media content on our Facebook Group page.

Sara loves learning and socializing with the members of the Delta Photo Club and encouraging other photographers from amateur to professional to attend meetings and explore all that the club has to offer.

Rita Chan

Web Development

Rita is always at awe with the expanse and beauty of our natural environment. In cherished moments she happened to experience on location, those feelings of wonderment, vastness and tranquility are hard for her to describe verbally, and so she turns to visual captures.

Its those moments that got her to pick up a camera in 2007 and walk the trails to experience landscapes contextually. Having photography in mind motivates her to learn more about the subject and environment she visits. It drives her to slow down for views from various perspectives and through different lenses in finding that image which best delivers what’s in her mind’s eye.

The Club provides a wonderful platform for sharing and expanding scope, knowledge and perspectives.