Summer Outing Report

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July 17, 2018
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Summer Outing Report

Hi everyone from David Francis and David Egan.

Welcome DPC members to the summer outings schedule. Traditionally, DPC takes a hiatus from June to the end of August, but for 2018 we are exploring the idea of outings dialed in to unique local summer events.

Our first outing was the recent BC Provincial JIu Jitsu tournament held at Richmond Oval, June 16, where we garnered some great action images of throws and holds in low light with fast zooms. A bonus was an international wheelchair rugby tourney happening simultaneously close by at the Oval. Great action, visually and audibly. David Francis, David Egan and Vince Hellewell were in attendance from DPC. Egan was able to secure ‘approved media passes’ from organizers which gave us unobstructed access to the combatants — sometimes with up to six active mats with Gi and No gi matches, kids, juniors, men and women. An amazing display of technique and heart.

Stay tuned for information on our next outing!