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July 29, 2018
Us capturing the Firework
August 10, 2018
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Hi everyone.

We hope you are having a fantastic summer.

Our next UNOFFICIAL outing will be Saturday August 4 at the Honda Celebration of Light Fireworks on English Bay.

South Korea will the country performing on Saturday.

We will meet near the Jericho Sailing Club pier to avoid the huge crowds near English Bay. From this angle we will be able to get shots of the fireworks with the buildings of Vancouver behind. Last time I was there (2014) you were able to stand on the pier and take photos from there. The pier has a wide flat railing which was good for resting your camera on for long exposures.

We expect it will be very tough to find parking close to Locarno beach and the earlier you get there the better your chances will be.

We will try to arrive there between 6:00 and 8:00 pm to find parking and stake out a spot for our tripods.

David Egan and Dave Francis