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Nature CAPA Submission

Date(s) - 10/24/2018
7:15 pm - 9:30 pm

Kin Village


This Wednesday we will be making selections for our club’s entries into the Lions Gate Camera Club’s Celebration of Nature Photography 2018 digital competition.

Please send in your images to by noon on Tuesday or before.

Details and restrictions:

  • Images sized as maximum height 1050 pixels, by maximum width 1400 pixels
  • Colour space must be sRGB.
  • Title your image #-Name-category-title.jpg (e.g. 1-David Smith-General-Morning Wonder.jpg).  Category is one of “bird”, “mammal” or “general” as explained below.
  • Nature photography refers to the wide range of images devoted to photographic observations from all branches of natural history in an honest and true representation. Evidence of the “hand of man” must not be present in any part of the image. This includes and is not necessarily limited to roads, trails, fences, power lines/wires and forestry clear-cuts. Photographs of cultivated plants, domestic animals, and taxidermy specimens are not allowed. The presence of scientific bands or collars is acceptable, but should be minimal.  As an exception you can include a barn with a photo of a Barn Owl, as this is their natural habitat.
  • The photographer may make any minor manipulation, enhancement, modification, cropping, or removal of distracting elements that can be done in-camera or in the “digital darkroom” to improve the presentation of the image. However this should not significantly alter the original scene, introduce another object/subject, move an object/subject, or introduce an “un-natural” effect.
  • The combining of multiple images is only allowed for the following purposes; for increasing the Dynamic Range (HDR) and should look natural, Focus Stacking to increase depth of field, or for “stitching” adjacent images, as in the case of panoramas. In-camera multiple exposures are not allowed, unless it was in an “automated” HDR mode.Images that have previously placed 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in multi-club competitions in BC and the Yukon territories, or images that have been entered in previous Celebration of Nature Photography competitions are not acceptable.
  • No borders, frames, or signatures are allowed.
    Digital image files from scanned slides, scanned colour negatives, scanned black and white negatives or directly from digital cameras will be accepted.
  • There are three categories in the competition:
    Birds: (where the dominant subjects are avian)
    Mammals: (where the dominant subject/subjects are mammals)
    General: (any other nature image that is not in category 01 or 02)


We will select images based on input from people at our meeting as we have done other times last year.  This involves breaking into smaller groups where we hope to have some good discussion about the images.

Note that we can submit 8 images from 8 different members.

If you have any questions, please email me at

George Pierce